PUBG Mobile players force time limit?

PUBG Mobile to force time limit? 

PUBG Mobile players clients in India began getting well being updates banning them from playing past six hours in multi day.
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PUBG Mobile players in India were tossed in craze after certain clients began getting wellbeing updates. The well known fight royale amusement cautioned clients of playing for six hours and banned them from playing further. PUBG Mobile India illuminated that it would before long fix the “Solid Gaming System” issue.
PUBG Mobile players began sharing screen captures of the wellbeing update which says, “You’ve played the amusement for 6h today. If you don’t mind return at 2019-03-23 05:30:00”. As per this, clients who have played PUBG Mobile for six hours were banished from playing the diversion and could just login the following day at 5:30am.
This wasn’t the situation for everybody however as certain players got the notice notwithstanding playing for under three hours. These clients likewise got the wellbeing update however it just said that the diversion has halted and to returned the next day at 5:30am.
In a tweet, PUBG Mobile India stated, “We’re mindful of the “Solid Gaming System” issue that a significant number of you are presently confronting and we truly apologize for the burden this has caused to you! Our advancement group is attempting to determine the issue as quickly as time permits.
PUBG Mobile hasn’t cleared up on whether this is another component being tried or in the event that it will take off to all clients. Only one out of every odd PUBG Mobile client has gotten this wellbeing update up ’til now. This wellbeing update comes when PUBG Mobile is confronting bans in some Indian urban communities. Specialists have even captured a few people for playing PUBG Mobile in spite of the boycott.
It is normal that PUBG Mobile could be testing a period limit highlight for the progressing boycott requests in India. The organization said it is taking a shot at making sense of an approach to locate “a sensible arrangement” on this.

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